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How Pristine Cleaning Service started

Pristine Cleaning Service was founded in 2020, by Silvina Lopes. I always love to clean, and I enjoy the serenity and peaceful state of feeling that a clean, tidy space brings in me. I am happier, content and relax when the room is immaculate and pristine. My mind is at ease, and I feel relax and peaceful. The idea came to me when I took my mother to the emergency room when she was sick, and we had to wait for more than 6 hours in the emergency waiting room for a room to become available. When I asked the staff reason for the long waiting, they informed that the room was not ready, and they’re facing a shortage of cleaning crew and some of the staff were doing the cleaning them self to expedite the service. I thought what a great idea to start a cleaning service to service the community, and let the local citizens get more valuable and quality time to spend with their loved ones. During the time were facing presented challenge, we seize to provide service and concentrated on learning about the pandemic, how to handle the virus to protect ourselves, our loved one and our customers.

Pristine Cleaning Service is a small minority, local cleaning service, staff of four crew members dedicating its service to busy homeowners and business owners in North Carolina and South Carolina access to reliable, green products, and professional cleaning services for their living and working spaces. We provide residential and commercial cleaning services using advanced cleaning tools and equipment to ensure a cleaned environment.

We recognize that each client is unique and possess diverse cleaning requirements. Therefore, we offer all our customers a customizable cleaning services that meets their needs. We use varieties of products including non-harsh cleaning products to minimizing any environmental harm.

We strive to satisfy our customers by training our team member to the industry to the highest and best standard for a consistence cleaning environment. Our attentiveness for each job is perform with zeal and enthusiasm ensuring our Mission to our customer are met.